A Commitment to Condition Management without a Compromise on Quality of Life

We’re proud to be considered amongst the finest care homes in West Sussex. We provide different levels of care to each resident dependant on their unique needs – acting as the support required by those in assisted living, and being constantly on hand with those that need more frequent help.

Our reputation has grown partly thanks to the positivity that residents and their families have for us. We were thrilled when the Care Quality Commission recognised our good work in a report that gave us high praise; it is a reflection on the quality that we are dedicated to, and it is recognition that motivates us to carry on with all of our good work.

But just what is it that makes us such a stand-out choice for those looking at the options for assistance as they grow older, or for those in need of care when suffering from dementia? Care homes should of course provide care, but additional to this we are insistent that delivering personal fulfilment at the same time is just as important.

A Balanced Dementia Care Programme Designed to Keep Minds Active

The North Wing here at Barlavington Manor is dedicated to the care of residents suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The staff there are specially trained with vast experience in caring for dementia sufferers and are on hand 24 hours a day to deliver constant support.

We firmly believe that care homes for dementia sufferers needn’t impose any unnecessary limits on those in need of care just because of their condition. Set within the grounds of our site, the North Wing is entirely self-contained so that those staying there can have a sustained level of independence within a comfortable and safe environment.

People of all ages enjoy a spot of recreation, so it only makes sense to us that we allow our residents to engage in a thriving programme of activities. It is fundamental to our approach in caring for those with dementia, allowing them to keep their minds stimulated and help to create a balance in the care package that we provide.

We run daily sessions that give everyone something to look forward to and enjoy, providing a chance for residents to have fun while socialising at the same time. Games, arts and crafts, sing-a-longs – even basic things can work wonders by evoking different senses that aid relaxation and improve the overall state of mind.

We don’t believe that hobbies residents enjoyed in the past have to be given up just because of their change in circumstances. All who stay with us are encouraged to maintain their interests. This familiarity is highly beneficial in a lot of cases, and gives residents a chance to show off a skill and even teach us a thing or two.

Running regular days out – to the beach, museums, even just to the park – as well as our in-house activities provides a change of scenery for our residents. It allows our activity programme to deliver on providing a unique package of care and fulfilment, contributing ultimately to a healthy, happy mind.

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