Seeking help for loved ones with dementia

If someone you know has dementia, you will be fully aware of how difficult the condition can be to manage. As it advances, it can make the world a confusing and dangerous place for sufferers and it can place great strain on those who look after them.

According to the NHS, in England alone around 570,000 people are living with dementia and this number is expected to double over the next 30 years. The syndrome is associated with an on-going decline of the brain and its abilities and it can affect memory, thinking, judgement, understanding and language.

Drawing attention to the problem

Recently, broadcaster Louis Theroux made a documentary focussing on dementia, in which he saw first-hand many of the challenges facing family members who provide care to sufferers.

Writing on the BBC News website, he remarked: “The ravages of dementia can be unbelievably upsetting to see. No one would wish the confusion and forgetfulness that goes along with the disease on another person – though sadly, for demographic reasons, they are likely to be an ever-increasing part of our lives.”

Getting the right support

Theroux went on to note that, with the appropriate help, people can find coping with the condition much easier.

He stated: “Faced with the disease, and with the right support, most people can learn and adapt, finding new ways to love their parents and partners.”

How we can help

Here at Barlavington Manor Care Home we understand the challenges associated with dementia and we provide the best possible support to sufferers. Our North Wing for dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers offers a peaceful and caring environment that is ideal for individuals with the condition.

Our dedicated North Wing is fully secure, meaning you can have total peace of mind that your loved one will be safe while he or she is being cared for.

The North Wing has a friendly atmosphere and is a home away from home. This minimises any distress felt when people make the transition from their own residence to our care home in West Sussex.

Round the clock care

The wing provides 24-hour care and all the staff are trained continually in order to make sure they’re up-to-date with all the current holistic practices so that they can maintain the best care possible.

Superb facilities

Another way in which our Dementia Residential Care Home stands out from other care homes for dementia patients is in relation to the facilities we offer. We provide spacious ground floor rooms that come with en-suite bathrooms and patio doors lead out to a large terrace with secure garden.

We even run regular activities to help ensure our residents have all the diversity and stimulation they need.

To find out more about our dementia care home, just take a look around our website or get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.

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